Brief Introduction to the Different Types and Sizes of Drainage Pipes

In event of you planning a new do it yourself plumbing project or looking forward to carrying out important reparations on a drainage system, you would need plastic drainage pipes. It has been deemed of great importance to have the best drainage pipes suitable to your specific needs and requirements. It would be pertinent to mention here that the specific pieces of kit are important for keeping the water clean. It has also been essential for smooth running of the waste through the property. These would help you make for reliable and efficient systems in your respective homes.

Several important things have been deemed imperative for you to know about waste pipes.

Different sizes of plastic pipes

Several kinds of plastic pipes, suitable to your different projects have been made available in the market. It would range from the smallest, measuring 21.5mm pipe to 32mm pipe to 40mm and 110mm soil pipes.

  • The 21.5mm pipe would be suitable for your overflows, specifically the cold-water tanks and cisterns.
  • The 32mm pipe would be suitable for waste pipe needs, such as the hand basin water handling needs.
  • The 40mm pipe would be suitable for bath and sink waste pipe.
  • The 110mm pipe would be suitable for main drains.

It would be pertinent to mention here that the various kinds of pipes have been made available with your local building supplies stockists. You would also be offered different advice that would be the best suited to your specific needs. In case, you had any kind of doubts or queries about right kind of pipe to purchase, the advice would help you in the best manner possible.

Different types of plastic pipes

The different drainage pipe types would suit your specific needs and drainage projects in the best manner possible. It would be inclusive of ABS, which is a tough material, uPVC, a resistant material and PP, which is a flexible material.

  • The ABS would be ideal for hot and cold wastewater.
  • The uPVC would also be ideal for hot and cold wastewater.
  • The PP has been highly flexible material suitable for both hot and cold wastewater.

The polyethylene and polypropylene have been the best drainage pipes. However, you would be required to choose the best supplier in your region for your drainage pipe needs. It would be in your best interest to look for the right company near you for best in business drainage pipes.

Post Author: Christopher Harley