Do You Need a Grab Hire or Skip Hire in Dunstable?

If you live in Dunstable, you know that the movement of traffic can be congested at times. That is why it is important to hire an experienced skip hire or grab hire contractor to move your waste. By using the services of a contractor that is well adapted to the waste removal process, you will have more flexibility with the disposal.

Placing an Order for a Skip Hire

Ideally, you should choose a company such as Smith Recycling that recycles about 90% of the waste that it removes. Recycled waste may include cardboard, grade “A” wood, metal, wood, nylon builders’ sacks, organic waste, and hard-core inert materials. If you place an order for a skip hire in Dunstable, you need to know what type and size of skip will support your needs.

Available Skips

Skips at places such as Smith Recycling are sized by the yard. Therefore, they are available in the following sizes:

  • Four-yard mini skips are hired for smaller or medium-sized projects at home sites or projects that require the removal of garden waste. This type of skip holds up to 40 standard bin bags. Never load the skip above its featured height.
  • Six-yard midi builder skips are regularly hired for inert waste that is considered bulker. This type of waste represents such materials as concrete or soil. You can also load larger amounts of garden waste or debris from home projects into these types of skips. They normally hold up to 60 standard bin bags.
  • 14-yard large skips are made to get rid of a number of bulky or large items. This type of skip is normally used for clearances from large construction sites or larger households.
  • 20-yard roll-on and roll-off containers are employed for trade use. These skips are regularly hired to get rid of light construction debris.
  • 35-yard roll-on and roll-off enclosed containers are used to dispose of confidential paper waste or materials. The waste, which is securely enclosed, can be accessed by side hatches or from the top of the container.
  • 40-yard containers are the largest of the skips. Therefore, they are ideal for use for the largest of clearance jobs.

You May Need a Grab Lorry

Knowing the skips size and how they are used will give you a better idea of what to select when hiring a skip. You can also rely on a grab lorry if your project requires a large disposal of waste materials. A grab lorry may be preferred if the waste collection location is hard to reach.

One Additional Cost-Effective Service

When ordering a skip, you can give as much notice as you wish. However, skip hire companies such as Smith Recycling offer next-day services to meet the demands of customers. If you are overseeing a construction project, you can also arrange to have materials delivered in the skip that you hire. This cost-effective measure makes it possible for you to optimise the use of your skip. If space is at a premium at your job site, you will want to keep this additional service in mind.

Post Author: Christopher Harley