Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Wooden Flooring

Sustainable Reclaimed Wood:

I truly can’t get an adequate amount of hardwood flooring within my home. However I realize that frequently occasions using hardwood implies that forests are cut lower and little is performed to replenish the trees which have been removed.

After I found that reclaimed wood was a possible option to hardwood floors, I required note. There’s nothing that energizes me greater than locating a fantastic sustainable product which enables me to possess my cake and then eat it too. If you’re planning a brand new home with wood flooring or perhaps a flooring upgrade for the existing home, make sure to keep reclaimed wooden flooring on top of your list – you with thankful you probably did!

Precisely What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is produced from wood that will typically finish in a landfill or burned or discarded in certain other manner. When old structures, bridges, barns, industrial structures, etc. are torn lower to create method for new structures, the wood that’s taken is usually just dumped right into a landfill never to appear again. Someone developed the concept that maybe there is a much better use with this wood – and were they ever right! Suppliers take this old wood, do the repair, mill it, and they produce wooden flooring that they sell it off to homeowners as wood flooring in new and existing homes. Because of the fact there are many wood species and finished possibilities, it might be a outstanding eco-friendly choice for nearly anybody.

How come Reclaimed Wood Flooring Considered Eco-Friendly?

Normally as this wood could be disposed inside a landfill, it’s reclaimed, it’s considered a outstanding sustainable source. The great facet of this process is the fact that something that used to be likely to be disposed within the landfill, encounters new existence like a reused product which indeed is definitely an incredible eco-friendly aspect. Because the reclaimed wooden flooring option gets to be more popular, less trees is going to be cut lower to provide the flooring requirements of today’s homeowners. The reclaimed wood that’s functional is usually of higher quality compared to new forest which are presently offered. As hardwood typically originated from old-growth forests, the caliber of this wood is usually higher quality compared to forest presently being offered. Also, the more a tree grows, the more powerful may be the wood that’s created. Which makes this flooring a very durable option.

Just How Much Does Reclaimed Wooden Flooring Cost?

The price of reclaimed wooden flooring will vary broadly, with respect to the kind of wood you buy, and the amount of finish – much like regular hard forest. Probably you won’t pay any extra with this reclaimed wooden flooring than you’d for similar species new wooden flooring. With respect to the factors above, the price will range from $3.50 and $7.00 psf for that material. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you might well enjoy installing a reclaimed floor by yourself, because it no harder to set up than the usual traditional wood floor.

Factors of Reclaimed Wooden Flooring:

There might be marks or imperfections within this wood as it’s been used before. Despite the fact that there’s milling done around the wood, the imperfections frequently remain. The marks and imperfections really are a searched for-after characteristic by a lot of, and frequently is really a feature for that product. Also, make certain that whenever you decide on your finish and stain products for the reclaimed wooden flooring, you remain with low VOC products. VOC’s in finishing products are a symbol of chemical toxins. These VOC’s off-gas because they dry and convey adverse health problems towards the home occupants and also the atmosphere.

Post Author: Christopher Harley