For A Cool, Clean Air

Air conditioning has become a necessity for the people especially in the changing climate and it sometimes causes extreme heat which makes it impossible for households to stay comfortable inside their own home. Because of this, A/C installation and repair companies have been around to be of service to help homeowners with their air conditioning problems. If you’re one of the homeowners in Arizona who has suffered from air conditioning problems, Day and Night Air offers A/C repair in Phoenix to give your home the comfort you need under the heat of the sun. With the company’s team of HVAC experts, they can not only guarantee your air conditioning at its best quality, but they can also assure your home with a cool and clean air for you and your family to enjoy.

Taking Care of Your Unit

Taking care of your air conditioning unit is an important task to give your family the comfort they deserve under the Phoenix heat. It is best to always inspect your unit for possible damage that can cause problems in the future. To keep you away from the hassle and costly repairs brought upon by the damaged unit, here are some tips you can do to keep your home’s air quality cool and clean:

  • Clean

Cleaning your unit is the best way to improve your home’s air quality. Before you do this, you should make sure to power off and unplug the unit from the power source to avoid accidents and further damage to the unit. Then proceed to clean the exterior of the unit, wiping off the dust and other debris stuck on the outer case. Then carefully remove the outer parts, gently opening the access panels and remove other parts inside to give access to the cleaning materials you’ll use in cleaning the inside of the unit. After cleaning the interior, reinstall the removed parts and put away the debris and leaves taken from the unit so that it won’t lodge again inside the unit, making it possible for the unit to breathe and function properly.

  • Check

If you think that your unit doesn’t need a cleaning yet, you can check the lines coming into the condenser. Check for possible leaks and line damages which can cause a poor performance of the unit inside your home.

  • Replace

If you feel like your unit is functioning well but the air quality isn’t improving, you better check the air filters inside the system. The filters keep the dust, leaves and other debris from entering your home. It is highly encouraged by HVAC experts in Day and Night Air to constantly clean or replace the filters in your unit for a better air quality.

  • Maintain

After you have properly done the basic steps to improve your unit’s performance, it’s important to constantly check your air conditioning units for maintenance to avoid problems in the future.

Beat the Heat with Day and Night Air

With Arizona’s summer heat, you’ll surely want more of that cool, filtered air to enter your humble abode. But when your cooling system breaks down, you’ll probably need to fix it fast. Day and Night Air does A/C repair in Phoenix fast enough to cool you down. With their team of experts, your unit problem will be fixed in no time. Have a summer with no sweat with Day and Night Air. Feel the cool summer breeze inside your home.

Post Author: Christopher Harley