Plumbing Leaks can Cause Foundation Problems

Home foundation issues are usually caused by plumbing leaks. This is especially true for homes with concrete slab foundations. Newer houses may be constructed with a moisture barrier which protects the concrete slab. However, older homes may not have this barrier which makes this susceptible to foundation issues due to plumbing leaks from decaying or faulty pipes.

Importance of Plumbing Tests

Plumbing tests are carried out to check the household and sewer line plumbing leaks. During the hot months when foundations can crack and shift because of shifting soils, it is essential to check for signs of plumbing leaks to ensure the foundations are not damaged.

How Plumbing Leaks Cause Foundation Issues

Here are ways plumbing leaks can lead to plumbing problems:

  • When the leaks are big and fast. Big and fast leaks below the concrete slab allow the water to saturate the soil beneath the foundation. Waterlogged soil can be washed away, leaving holes in the ground below the home’s foundation. Because of the uneven support on the foundation, the latter becomes stressed, causing it to crack and drop.
  • When the leaks are slow. Even if leaks are slow, they can still cause many problems over time. They can still cause the soil to have moisture and shift, leaving the foundation shifting as well. As the pipes are situated underneath the concrete slab, diagnosing the issue and fixing is not easy. That’s why homeowners must be proactive and pay attention to plumbing leaks which could lead to foundation issues.

Signs of Plumbing Leaks

Homeowners usually discover cracks and suspect foundation leaks. Although there are a lot of signs of plumbing leaks, there are some indicators to look for. These include the following:

  • Higher water bills.
  • Continuous water meter activity even if the system is turned off.
  • Pooling water near plumbing fixtures indoors. Also, plumbing leaks can cause soft floor spots.
  • Excess water outside the house. This is especially common near the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Distinct smell. When there is a plumbing leak, mold and mildew will develop which bring a distinct smell.

Homeowners must also keep in mind that while plumbing leaks can cause foundation issues, the latter can also cause plumbing issues. A shift of the concrete slab can cause bending of the pipes underneath that may break or leak.

If you suspect your home has a plumbing leak, call a plumber immediately. If the leak is damaging the foundation, contact one of the reputable foundation companies in your area.

Post Author: Christopher Harley